Stormy Daniels’s lawyer makes stuff up about probe into Trump’s lawyer

During that same disastrous MSNBC appearance, Avenatti repeated his claim that the president is not going to serve out his term. This brings me to who is funding this charade. This week Daniels confirmed in a tweet what we all already knew—that she is not paying Avenatti. We know they have a legal fund set up. But I am beginning to think there is something or someone larger at play.

It’s no secret that for five years Avenatti worked at a political opposition and media firm run by Rahm Emanuel, who we all know went on to become Obama’s chief of staff. Indeed, Avenatti’s website says that during this time he worked on more than 150 campaigns, including Joe Biden’s Senate campaign! Maybe those rumors of Biden running in 2020 aren’t so farfetched, and maybe Avenatti is being paid to muddy the waters (although let’s be honest, they are sufficiently muddy). It’s just a theory. Unlike Avenatti, I won’t proclaim it’s fact, or that I have any inside knowledge of this being true.

Avenatti won’t disclose who referred Daniels to him, and he certainly is not disclosing who is paying his bills. On “Meet the Press” yesterday, he said no political party or anyone who is politically active referred the case to him. He also called any claims to the contrary a “conspiracy theory.”

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