Rudy Giuliani goes from "America’s Mayor" to Trump’s chump

Why America’s Mayor would now allow himself to become Trump’s chump is beyond me. With many West Wing insiders openly questioning whether the 45th president will even finish his term, such shortsightedness makes no sense, even when viewed in the most cynical of lights.

Giuliani has said that in September 2001, during New York’s darkest hour, he drew strength from Winston Churchill’s example. That is curious considering the great British leader stood alone for years while warning the world of Hitler’s dangers. That lonely stand isolated him from kings, prime ministers and his own political party. And yet poor Rudy couldn’t even stay true to his former colleagues for a month once Trump came calling.

We can all thank God that Churchill, and not Giuliani, was on guard when Adolf Hitler’s actual stormtroopers sought to destroy England and lay waste to the rest of Western civilization. Because unlike Rudy Giuliani, Winston Churchill never blinked.