Jake Tapper on Trump admin’s outrage at WHCD: If you want to talk about decency…

“It’s really interesting how many people in the Trump White House and the Trump-supporting media who are very offended about what they consider to be a very indecent performance by the comedian,” Tapper began. “I’ve been trying to have a conversation on my show about decency and about insults and smearing and people saying things about other people that are not true and just beyond the boundaries of good behavior and if the Trump White House and their allies in the media want to have this conversation about decency, I welcome them to the table to talk about it… but there’s bunch of stuff that they need to get caught up on before we get to a comedian at the White House dinner.”

Tapper then listed several of Trump’s most controversial attacks, including dismissing Sen. John McCain as a war hero because he was captured and imprisoned, making fun of people with disabilities, and deriding women’s appearances.

“There’s a backup of material if the Trump people want to talk about it,” Tapper continued. “Then we can get to the comedian.”