James Comey is the adult in the room

Trump has assailed his own Justice Department, the FBI, and the people who run them — even some of the leaders he has hired. “They view the institution of justice with contempt,” Comey said of the administration, telling the crowd that top leaders view it as just another piece on the chessboard of power that can be knocked over when it’s unneeded or in the way. “That is a terrible place for us to be as a country.”

Comey has emerged as a rare, clear-headed adult in a nation full of partisan voices looking to cast blame anywhere except their own Democratic or Republican doorsteps. That became clear when Comey was pressed several times by audience members and by Cooper on why he didn’t give a blunt “no can do” refusal to Trump when the President ushered everyone out of the room and asked the FBI director to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn.