A gunman held up a butcher shop. He didn’t count on a man in a cowboy hat.

The next target is an older gentleman standing in front of the cash register, sporting a gray mustache and the second-most distinctive hat to make it into a viral video this week. He seems to remain even calmer as the gunman demands something — presumably cash — from him. The “cowboy” shakes his head and at one point even removes his glasses, perhaps to get a better look at the confounding text (“BROWNERS”) running down the side of the gunman’s hoodie sleeve.

As all this is unfolding, the world’s most oblivious customer has legitimately been perusing refrigerated beverages at the back of the store. Just as the cowboy is taking off his glasses, the female customer makes her selection. She turns and begins striding toward the checkout counter and soon catches the attention of the gunman, who makes her Target No. 3.