The DNC lawsuit is about protecting U.S. elections

But this lawsuit is aimed at equity, not damages. The same was true of a similar lawsuit the DNC filed against Richard Nixon’s campaign that was successfully settled in the era of Watergate. As before, all we want is accountability and a consent decree to take steps to protect our elections and preserve our democracy. The Russians tried to penetrate or hack into the election system in 21 states. The Department of Homeland Security is now working with state lawmakers to try and protect our voting infrastructure by establishing better safeguards, but with a budget of just $380 million. Will that be enough?

The 2018 election is shaping up to be one with vigorous public involvement. The 2016 hacking and other intrusions have riled voters, who increasingly have come to realize that democracy is only as strong as citizen interest in preserving it. Democrats are energized like never before by their opposition to the policies and excesses of Trump and the GOP — but there is fear that if election security problems are not addressed, their voices once again will not be heard.