I thought conservatives cared about character and values

I thought that at the heart of the definition of a conservative was the notion that character matters, and that values matter. I thought that’s what it meant to be a conservative. In some ways, Republicans are the most important audience for my book, because I’m ashamed of the way the Republican Party has conducted itself. Republicans know better…

Those still working in Washington and in Trump’s Cabinet have hard choices to make. Each person has to weigh their commitment to the country against the damage that will come to them. I believe that working for Donald Trump, especially closely, damages everybody. And all of us have to decide individually: How much stain can I tolerate in service to my country? And then obviously, there’s the concern that working for him may enable him in some way.

Trump may not change completely, but there is opportunity for change at the margins. And that’s something that all of us can try and help accomplish. He’s a smart person. He’s deeply self-interested, and as he comes to understand that you can’t do whatever you want as president of the United States, hopefully he also learns there are things the Republicans will not tolerate. And if Republicans do believe that values matter, it’s time for them to stand up and put an ethical fence around him in a way that will protect the country.