Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar: The psychology of pure hate

Step 1. It’s clear from her own words that Jarrar hates the Bush Family. It is rather easy to find plenty of other people who feel the same way in academia and especially online. During the 2000’s, the hatred of President George W. Bush was so common (and irrational) that psychiatrist and TV pundit Dr. Charles Krauthammer coined the tongue-in-cheek term “Bush Derangement Syndrome.”

Step 2. If you have the stomach to do so, Google the term “Bush protest” and look through the images. Protesters regularly portrayed the President as Hitler or a terrorist and burned, hung, or stabbed him in effigy. The images are quite sickening. Jarrar harkened back to this hateful mythology when she referred to the Bush Family as “genocidal.”

Step 3. Without question, Dr. Jarrar disparaged the target of her hatred, the Bush Family. If somebody (perhaps a Fresno State investigative team) does some digging, it probably wouldn’t be difficult to find a very long history of her engaging in this type of behavior against the Bush Family and probably many others.