James Comey is hurting the FBI

As an aside since we’re on the topic here, I think it’s important to always note something. Namely, that Comey and McCabe are bad apples. They make the whole agency look bad. But the whole agency is NOT bad. And it’s not trivial to make that point. It doesn’t “go without saying” when ranting about the FBI that you don’t mean every single agent. You should say that. It’s exactly what conservatives demand of liberals who bitch about the police.

Every time there is police misconduct, conservatives take to the internet to say “not all cops are bad” or “blue lives matter”. It is strange to me that this same care for specificity doesn’t seem to make it to the near-daily bashing of the FBI. There is bad leadership, or was. There have been big mistakes. But FBI lives matter and not all agents are James Comey. It’s not hard to say that.

The point is, you can criticize the parts without condemning the whole.