Comey and McCabe deserve each other

Where does all this leave us? On the road to good times, that’s where. Think about it. This is shaping up to be major entertainment as the sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing drama queen former FBI Director and his scheming deputy try to out swear one another over Comey’s participation in the leak. This spectacle, starring the leaders of the Obama era FBI, will hardly be a remake of “The FBI in Peace and War” or similar Hoover era offerings. Instead, it will more closely resemble “Bumfights, the Thrilla’ in D.C.” as these two shameless, shifty, self-promoters rip each other apart.

Happily, neither of the participants in that demolition derby will be of much value to Special Counsel Mueller’s anti-Trump snipe hunt.

And here’s another exciting possibility that is almost too good to be true. McCabe’s lawyer says that his client is considering filing a defamation suit against the president and others. For what, besmirching his terrific reputation for honesty and truthfulness?