Will Paul Ryan challenge Trump in 2020?

According to multiple reports, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is expected to announce his retirement today.

It won’t take long for Establishment Republicans and “Never Trump” pundits to begin publicly imploring the Wisconsin Republican to challenge Donald Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination.

Never Trump Republicans and establishments types in Washington have been pining for a White Knight to sweep in after the expected mid-term defeats this November to challenge Trump for the 2020 nomination. And Ryan appears to come right from central casting to play the part.

In truth, a Ryan challenge makes perfect sense.

Ryan was the GOP nominee for Vice President in 2012 and ran a classy, dignified campaign with Mitt Romney. Ryan is highly respected and has been able to publicly distance himself from Trump over the president’s more controversial statements and policies while working with the White House on policies and legislation that Ryan deemed appropriate for the GOP brand.