Retired FBI agent on McCabe firing: "Lack of candor is a serious offense"

MARTIN: How does the timing sit with you? I mean, does it look vindictive to you?

GAGLIANO: It would if this was being launched from the White House. But I have the utmost trust and confidence in the IG’s office. Now, whether you’re on the job for two days, Michel, or whether you’re two days away from retirement, it doesn’t matter. Lack of candor is a serious offense. I don’t believe that President Trump could have, should have, would have had any impact on the IG’s report.

MARTIN: On the other hand, the president has been personally vilifying Mr. McCabe and vilifying the FBI as an organization for some time now. Do you have a sense of whether the rank and file is more disturbed by the attacks on Mr. McCabe as a person and on the agency writ large or by these allegations? Mr. Trump seems to believe that these specific allegations against Mr. McCabe are ones that would disturb the agents more greatly. So do you have a sense of that?

GAGLIANO: The FBI is not a monolith. There are people that vote Democratic. There’s people that vote Republican. In the beginning, I criticized folks that made a big deal over the president’s mean tweets and how it was impacting the FBI. And I said, ah, that’s ridiculous. FBI agents are going to put their head down, and they’re going to do their job.