Donald Trump, man of steel

As corporate media—with its endless supply “free trade conservatives,” pundits, “libertarian Republicans,” professors, and economists—intensifies its attacks, consider that so-called experts have consistently turned out for doomsaying ahead of the president’s successful policy implementations. Larry Summers, former advisor to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and past president of Harvard, predicted that “10,000 will die per year due to tax reform.” It’s getting more and more difficult to tell the difference between The Weekly Standard’s, “Trump’s tariffs punish consumers,” and the New York Time’s claim that words are violence.

Widescreen televisions are probably cheaper than they’ve ever been, and we have supplanted well-compensated work with part-time and seasonal employment in the service sector. Never mind that real wages of Middle Americans were just 5 percent higher in 2013 than they were in 1979, while the lowest-earners in America were paid 5 percent less in 2013 than they were in 1979. Pay not a pittance of concern to the problematic social and cultural phenomena associated with the hollowing out of Middle America which has correlated with historic suicide, depression, and addiction rates. What matters are all the trinkets, knickknacks, and novelties you can consume for a bargain price, as the praises for free trade continue to linger on our lips.

Americans will no longer be cowed into acquiescing their economic annihilation.