Censorship of conservatives on the Internet is approaching critical levels of bad

Yesterday, I wrote on how conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder and members of his crew were suspended by Twitter for posting a video wherein they play a prank on a gender-fluid gathering at SXSW in Austin. Click on the link for the whole story, but the summary is that the video was taken down by Google/YouTube, and Twitter punished any of the Crowder crew for attempting to spread it around. Crowder himself was given a seven-day suspension for it.

Crowder and co. were punished for their making light of a social justice sacred cow. Apparently, poking fun at gender-fluidity crossed a very stark line for the social justice driven tech companies, and so he was punished for it.

Interestingly, while Crowder was being silenced for daring to make fun of a protected group on the left, and Schlichter’s article was being restricted for his warning AGAINST becoming violent, Twitter has little problem allowing depictions of violence against Republicans.

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