Stormy Daniels is crushing Trump at his own game

The entire Trump playbook — imply that an enemy’s motives are shameful, dishonest, and not what they claim — falls apart when they have no interest in seeming better than they are. Daniels is open about the fact that her motive is money. Just as Trump has always been. He’s every bit as flummoxed by her shamelessness as others are by his. Rumors that Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen might try to quash Daniels’ upcoming interview with 60 Minutes smack of desperation (one is reminded, in fact, of Trump’s opponents flailing in the primaries).

If shamelessness is Trump’s weapon of choice, it’s also his Achilles heel. Stormy Daniels won’t let this story drop, she’s smart enough to hire great lawyers, and she’s set up a legal conundrum that lands the president in a world of trouble no matter how he responds.