Is this anti-Pelosi, pro-gun PA Democrat showing his party how to win back Trump voters?

Lamb opposes any kind of assault weapon ban, a stance he reiterated in the aftermath of last month’s Parkland school shooting. In one of his campaign ads, he aims an AR-15. He says he is personally anti–abortion rights, though he would oppose 20-week abortion ban legislation. He supports Trump’s tariffs. He will not back Nancy Pelosi for House Democratic leader.

And on Tuesday, Lamb, a former Marine and federal prosecutor, might become the first Democrat to win this district in 15 years. Public polling shows the race as a toss-up; many closely watching the race — including some Republicans — give Lamb the edge.

“I think you’re really starting to see how that can be a message that keeps us very competitive in some red seats,” said Rep. Tim Ryan, pointing to Lamb’s focus on “bread-and-butter economic issues” as opposed to the usual political flashpoints. Ryan, an Ohio Democrat who unsuccessfully challenged Pelosi as leader, has spent the aftermath of 2016 on a soapbox talking about what Democrats need to do to win back the white, working-class voters that make up a large portion of this district. He campaigned with Lamb Thursday.