As "60 Minutes" prepares Stormy Daniels interview, lawyers battle

In an interview on Sunday, Mr. Avenatti indicated that the publicity blitz was not likely to let up any time soon, ensuring that the story Mr. Cohen paid to go away some 17 months ago would continue to churn.

“Our aim and our messaging is very simple: We’re going to shoot straight, we’re going to provide evidence and facts, and we are going to consistently advocate for the American people being able to make their own decisions as to who’s telling the truth and who’s lying to them,” Mr. Avenatti said. “She wants a forum to tell her version of events and let the chips fall where they may.”

The campaign was not without its risks, legal and otherwise. Mr. Avenatti said he was assigning 24-hour security to Ms. Clifford after a car tailed her after a dance performance at a Florida strip club this weekend.