The contemptible concept of "white privilege" is just ugly, angry racism

White privilege is a contemptible construction. It explicitly invokes skin colour as the only vector of judgment. It insists on “whiteness” as a flaw, a failing, and, as it almost always is, when yoked with “male” is the verbal equivalent of a spit. It is pure stereotype, ugly and angry. It is seen as a necessary term in identity politics, the politics of faction — ethnic, racial and religious.

White privilege is a racist concept on its face, with skin colour as the main determinant of value and truth.

That’s the philosophy behind the member for Whitby’s hard voice and insistent claim of perfect authority.

She is, just as every other MP is, one of the most select and privileged members of Canadian society. There are 36 million plus Canadians, and only 338 at any one time are MPs. It’s an exclusive, privileged club. They make the laws for all the rest, for heaven’s sake.