Where’s Harvey?

Harvey Weinstein has been waking up early, checking in with his East Coast lawyers and then going down to a juice shop where he orders coffee and a green detox mix with kale and cucumber. He has lived with a roommate who was his sponsor during a truncated stint in sex rehab, sharing a 1,700-square-foot furnished apartment in a verdant glass complex convenient to a midrange shopping mall, said local residents and associates familiar with his circumstances, who would only describe Mr. Weinstein’s daily routine without attribution.

Ever since the fall, after reports by The New York Times and The New Yorker revealed decades of allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Mr. Weinstein, the Hollywood megaproducer has become a pariah in the Beverly Hills and Manhattan quarters where he once held court.

Many of his accusers, and the wave of people who have spoken out against sexual assault and harassment alongside them, have questioned why Mr. Weinstein hasn’t been arrested. “I want to see him in jail,” Jennifer Lawrence told “60 Minutes” in an interview that aired in late February.

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