I don’t care if Trump had an affair. I care about the hush money.

But there is more to this than the potential trespassing of campaign finance rules. It is about the possibility that the candidate who was elected president of the United States paid or ordered to be paid money to someone to conceal something he privately did — payoff money to keep information about him secret from the voters.

Trump’s alleged stifling of information about his behavior is profoundly relevant to the broad issues raised by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into interference in the 2016 election.

We have been learning a lot about the 45th president of the United States and undoubtedly will be learning more in the coming weeks and months. Things he doesn’t want us to know about him, facts, pesky and shameful facts he doesn’t want to come out about how he landed where he is and with whose help, either foreign or domestic.