The media decision to ignore Democratic ties to Farrakhan reveals toxic bias

Perhaps others will eventually follow Tapper’s lead, but the question remains as to why they were so slow off the mark. The answer is fairly obvious. If the Freedom Caucus had met with David Duke or Richard Spencer and declined to repudiate them — if a GOP Congressman had called either on an “outstanding human being” — the media firestorm would have been lengthy and massive. Every prominent Republican officeholder would be asked to comment and offer a condemnation.

This pattern can be seen in any number of stories, whether it’s stupid remarks by a Senatorial candidate about rape, or a GOP presidential candidate rejecting an endorsement from a similarly controversial pastor.

But this particular strain of political bias is particularly toxic. Who benefits when Big Media looks the other way at progressives associating with someone like Farrakhan? Weaselly progressives who want to have it both ways, to be sure.

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