Forget lefty politics: Here's why the Oscars' ratings hit an all-time low

Don’t you just hate it when the leader of the Free World is right about something? Well, Donald Trump is accurate about the sad! ratings for Sunday’s broadcast of the Academy Awards:

Politifact, which chronicles the truthiness of Trump’s proclamations, notes that Sunday’s show pulled just 26.5 million viewers, which represented a nearly 20 percent decline on the 2017 show. What’s more:

“Was Trump right that 2018 marked a low point for the Oscars? Since the beginning of Nielsen TV audience ratings in 1974, yes….

This is not a one-year downward blip, either. Oscars viewership in 2018 fell by 39 percent from its level just four years earlier, in 2014, when Ellen DeGeneres hosted for ABC.”