Steve Bannon takes Trumpism to Europe and gets a rock star's welcome

During his stop in Rome this weekend, elections in Italy handed a majority of the seats in parliament to parties which, like Bannon, want to tear up the Establishment, with one of the biggest winners being Matteo Salvini, who has called for a “controlled ethnic cleansing” of migrants from Italian towns. After lending his support to Salvini’s party, The League, which got 18% of the vote, Bannon flew to Zurich and reportedly met with Alice Weidel, a leader of Alternative for Germany, the first far-right party since the Nazis to enter the German parliament, where it took more than 90 seats after elections held last fall.

“Look at what’s happening in Poland, in Hungary, in the Czech Republic, in Austria” – all countries where the far-right already holds power to varying degrees – “even in France and Germany,” Bannon told the crowd in Zurich. “The momentum in the movement continually goes, and now you’re beginning to see a symbiotic relationship. One can feed off the other with messaging.”

Just as often, these parties feed off each other’s techniques.

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