The slow breakup between Democrats and the NRA

Sen. Martin Heinrich is a gun owner and former NRA member. During the 2010 cycle, the group donated $2,000 to the New Mexico Democrat when he was still a House member. Since then, zilch.

“My frustration with them as a group is they just aren’t part of any solutions. They’re ideologically pure, and they’re not interested in doing anything. … I just don’t think that’s in any way responsible,” Heinrich said. “At a certain point, you just got to say, ‘I’m going to engage with people who want to be part of the solution.’”

Heinrich has not given up his gun collection. He hunts regularly in his home state and works with a number of sportsmen’s groups there.

“[Those groups] represent most of us who are gun owners I think far better than the NRA ever could,” Heinrich said.

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