Shun the Trumpers

These people don’t want to go to #war with the (((globalist))) elites. They want crowds to form around them at your black-tie receptions. And you’ve given them no reason to think their invitations won’t be in the mail.

President Trump went to Davos this year and received polite applause. Apparently there wasn’t a single dandy in all of Switzerland with enough gumption to down an apres ski hot toddy and lead the crowd in a therapeutic hiss.

President Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod had a “rollicking” time with his boy The Mooch on his podcast the other day. Sean Spicer was “the most popular selfie at the Emmy’s.” Dina Powell has rejoined the epicenter of globalist elite power as an executive at Goldman Sachs.

We, the never Trump Republicans, have already been cucked. We’ve got no sway. No one is begging me for an invitation to the annual Weekly Standard cruise. We need to live vicariously through powerful liberals. Our simple request: Shun the Trumpers.