Keep in mind that Sam Nunberg is kind of crazy

Sam Nunberg is currently cold calling cable news stations, spewing what can best be described as verbal diarrhea with a Brooklyn accent.

The disgraced former Trump aide is of note because he refuses to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller. He plans, according to bizarre interviews he gave on MSNBC and CNN, to just “let him arrest me.” He also claims, at different times, that Trump “did something” but also that Trump is the victim of “a witch hunt.” All of this, of course, is excellent awful television.

But is it exactly credible? Certainly, even an extremely foolish person like Nunberg can say stupid things that could end up being valuable to the Mueller investigation. Still, two things are worth remembering about the suddenly viral Trump aide. First, Nunberg has an axe to grind against the administration. Trump sued him for $10 million dollars! That sort of treatment might make one say dubious things on cable news.