Jeff Flake touts gun control, bashes GOP for engaging in culture war

Next, Flake took plenty of time to pander to members of the media in decrying Trump’s use of the term “fake news.”

“Calling real news fake and fake news real, that has real ramifications, particularly internationally,” he said. “When authoritarians everywhere now borrow that language to justify on cracking down on dissent and legitimate opposition as fake news. … that has ramifications. Long term ramifications.”

It’s no wonder Flake has become the darling of Sunday talk shows.

He also touted his “No Fly, No Buy” bill, which, with help from Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), would strip away a citizens Second Amendment right to bear arms if he or she finds themselves on a no-fly list. Of course he leaves out the part about how 40 percent of those listed on a terror watchlist have “no affiliation with recognized terrorism groups.” A 2015 Department of Homeland Security examination found that 73 of TSA’s own employees were on the list, which raises questions not just about TSA hiring practices, but about the list itself. There’s a good chance, it seems, one can end up on a no-fly list arbitrarily or by mistake, which means that Flake’s bill could take away one’s constitutional rights at the drop of a hat and for arbitrary or inconsistent reasons.