The Bush political dynasty is finally about to end. Good riddance.

It is worth pointing out that his father’s tenure in the same office was far more successful. Indeed, George H.W. Bush is almost certainly our greatest living president, a man who superintended the end of the Cold War with sobriety and cool intelligence. Every day that you wake up in a world in which Uzbekistan is not a nuclear power you have Bush the Elder and his secretary of state Jim Baker to thank for it. Unfortunately it would seem to be the case that in his old age Bush 41 has become an incorrigible pervert. Before him, Sen. Prescott Bush (R-Conn.) was an unabashed proponent of eugenics whose support for Planned Parenthood disgusted the good people of Connecticut.

So there you have it. An advocate of mandatory sterilization of the “unfit,” an ageless monomaniacal groper, the guy who basically destroyed the Middle East before trying to turn the social safety net into a commercial fishing operation, a nerd whose own mom didn’t want him to be president, and the dork spending roughly twice the cost of having your own island in Belize in the hope of being able to make decisions about grazing rights in the Lone Star State. What is this family, and why did we ever think it would be a good idea to let them control the destinies of multiple generations of the American people?