Ode to Hope Hicks

The people who don’t know her at all say the dumbest things. Tony Schwartz, who wrote Trump’s “Art of the Deal” in the 1980s, said Thursday on Twitter that Hicks “is an enabler with spectacularly bad taste in men who ended up in a hell of her own making.”

The blatant sexism in Schwartz’ statement aside, he has not worked with Trump in any meaningful capacity in decades. He certainly had no inroads to the White House.

He knows nothing about Hicks, but I’m sure some know-nothing journalist will ask him about her soon.

Schwartz wasn’t the only one resorting to sexism. New Yorker writer Jia Tolentino added on Wednesday, “Goodbye to Hope Hicks, an object lesson in the quickest way a woman can advance under misogyny: silence, beauty, and unconditional deference to men.”