Time for public to learn more about Trump Tower meeting

What could the transcripts tell the public?

First, one thing they will not tell. The emails setting up the meeting are what they are, and having multiple accounts of what happened in the meeting will not change the baiting nature of the Goldstone email or the take-the-bait nature of the Trump Jr. response.

But it would be important to see the various accounts of what happened before, during, and after the meeting. We’ve had a number of stories to the effect that Veselnitskaya had nothing to offer the Trump team and instead went straight into a pitch for ending the Magnitsky Act, which instantly turned off the Trump people, who soon began trickling out. First-person recollections of what happened would be valuable.

It would also be worthwhile to read the testimony of Samochornov, the translator who presumably did not have a lot at stake in the meeting. How did he assess what was going on?

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