Americans say "no gun under 21"

No gun under 21 — it’s something that 84 percent of America supports. In a country with more guns per person than any other country, a majority of both parties in a Harris Poll question for No Labels, done over the last few days, reveals a national consensus for prohibiting the purchase of guns by those under 21. This includes 92 percent of Democrats, 83 percent of Independents and 77 percent of Republicans. They would still be able to use guns and serve in the police and the military, but they would not be able to buy them — period.

There has, for many years, been strong support for more gun-safety legislation, and the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll showed 61 percent favored a complete ban on assault rifles, but nearly 40 percent of households have a gun and many of those owners feel very strongly about their rights, hence the strength of the NRA and the power of this issue in congressional elections.

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