Steve Bannon is hatching his comeback

So you’re studying the Time’s Up movement?</b?
Absolutely. One hundred percent. There are two important movements in this country right now: the populist nationalist movement on the right, and the MeToo movement on the left. Excuse me, not the MeToo. It's the Time's Up movement. MeToo is about sexual predators and everything like that. The Time's Up movement is much more fundamental and actually many steps above MeToo. It's basically going against 10,000 years of recorded history. That's the power of it. You see here something that's in a very early, raw stage, but I've never seen such potential power in something…

What I’m hearing is that you respect the power of it, but that you are opposed to it, but you can’t articulate why.
I’m opposed to it because it’s clearly coming from the left. It’s clearly, in part, in reaction to this populist movement, this nationalist movement.

People say, “Oh, Steve, it doesn’t have any policies yet.” It doesn’t need to have policies yet. The Tea Party didn’t have policies in its first couple of years, but it was against Obamacare. There’s plenty of power in just being against. The Five Star Movement in Italy, it’s just against, right?

What I do know is that it’s against what I call the patriarchy, it’s against the way things have been run for the previous 4,000, 5,000, 10,000 years. It’s just opposed to that.

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