Say hello to "President Eric Holder"!

Holder responded, “Well, because I care a great deal about this country. I’ve spent the vast majority of my professional life in public service. I think I’ve got ideas that I hope would resonate with the American people. I think I’ve got the guts to potentially do the things that I think the next president would have to do.”

“This is not a time to be half-stepping; this is a time to deal with a changing America. An America that will be wounded by the experience that we are presently going through. So, it is all of those things. It doesn’t mean that ultimately, I’m going to do it. I’m certainly going to be involved in what happens in 2020. But I care about this country. I care about the way in which people in this nation are treated. I care about the notion of fairness, of equality,” he added.

All this is to say he hasn’t completely ruled out the idea. It’s just that he’s not entirely sure about it, and that his wife isn’t convinced it’d be the best decision for their family.

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