How my wife fell for the Parkland ‘crisis actor’ conspiracy theory

My wife, who is also the awesome mother of my two young daughters, is a fascinating case study when it comes to the “Cult 45” phenomenon of the Trump presidency, about which I have often written. She is a highly-educated, conservative, gun-owning, former NRA member and big fan of The Apprentice, who comes from a family that is dominated by Trump loyalists — but she is also very skeptical of Trump as a person.

She fully admits that if it was not for her living with me and therefore being routinely disabused of most of the false narratives she gets from the state-run “conservative” media while provided with information which is censored by those same sources, that she would likely be a member of the cult. As I often say to her, only half-jokingly, she has the Trump “zombie virus,” it’s just dormant most of the time.

So, this past weekend, while talking about the aftermath of the Parkland massacre, I was startled, but not completely shocked when she very confidently declared to me that David Hogg, who had done numerous TV interviews about surviving the shooting, was not a real student at the school. He was a “crisis actor” she told me, hired to go on TV, presumably to attack gun rights and Trump himself.

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