Rutgers paper blames Florida shooting on 'toxic masculinity'

“Toxic masculinity” is to blame for America’s mass-shootings, according to an op-ed published by The Daily Targum, a campus newspaper conservative students are working to defund.

Contributor Francesca Petrucci asked in a February 19 editorial that if “we can equate femininity to passivity with little statistical evidence, why is it that we cannot equate masculinity to gun violence with large statistical evidence?”

“Is it time to categorize toxic masculinity as a mental illness?”

“We often label these folks as ‘madmen’ with ‘mental illness,’ but when will we begin to label masculinity as having gone ‘mad’?” she wrote. “While many argue that most mass shooters are ‘mentally ill,’ only 14.8 percent out of 88 shooters were diagnosed with a mental illness, according to a database of mass shootings since 1966.”

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