I'm a millennial millionaire. Here's how I got so rich

By any definition, becoming a millionaire by your 30s isn’t easy, unless you happen to come from a lot of money. Tips abound on how you can accumulate wealth through saving and smart investments, but unless you’re putting away a lot of cash, a seven-figure net worth at such a young age can seem like a pipe dream.

But it is attainable, at least if you’re resourceful, driven, and of course, lucky enough. While millennials have gotten a reputation for being entitled, many in their cohort have proven exactly how flexible, creative, and ultimately successful they can be in the business world. In some cases, they’re redefining what success looks like, all while pulling in massive incomes. We talked to two millennials who have achieved millionaire status about what it took to get there—and the wisdom they have to share.

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