Still glad you voted Trump? At CPAC, conservatives had an answer

Conservatives have committed to memory the Trump achievements that they can recite when that inevitable, needling question comes up: Are you still glad you voted for him?

At the Conservative Political Action Conference this week, a lot of activists and elected officials were quick to rattle off that list as they assessed President Trump one year in and defended the man many of them initially believed was not conservative enough to be their president.

“Everybody knows that list,” said Ben Domenech, the publisher of The Federalist and a speaker at the conference.

Sure, there was another — and far longer — list that left many shaking their heads. The tweeting. The West Wing’s high turnover and constant turmoil. The hush money paid to a pornographic-film actress. The indictments. But all that seemed quite incidental because, as Mr. Domenech added, conservatives have been pleasantly surprised by the president’s policies, if not by him.