It doesn’t matter how many legs the new lobster emoji has

Sometime later this year, 157 new emojis will grace your phone or computer, and one of them will be a lobster. That tiny little image could tell someone you’ve got a hankering for steamed crustaceans, that you’re wicked sunburned, or that you’re being boiled alive (ouch). The news made a U.S. senator happy: Angus King—he represents Maine, naturally—had officially asked the Unicode Consortium (more on them in a bit) for the lobster pictogram. But when a website called Emojipedia published a mock-up of what the shellfish would look like, there was a problem: It was short two legs.

That lack of legs caused “outrage,” according to the Portland Press Herald, who admittedly may have been using that word playfully. But impassioned lobster-lovers (check out this proposal for the emoji’s inclusion to get a buttery taste of their fervor) definitely noticed the incorrect leg count.

And so, on Monday, Emojipedia copped to making “some mistakes” and announced it was adding the requisite legs to the arthropod emoji, bringing its appendage total up to the proper 10. The website also updated its vision of the skateboard emoji to make it more modern, and corrected the direction that the twisted-ladder shape of DNA was turning.