Democrats count on Pennsylvania to retake the House majority

When it comes to this fall’s congressional elections, Pennsylvania is likely to live up to its nickname as the “Keystone State.”

Before last week, Pennsylvania was already home to several competitive, high-profile races for House seats. Now, it is becoming the anchor for the Democratic effort to win back the majority in the November midterm elections. The state Supreme Court ruled the current map for congressional seats to be an unconstitutional gerrymander, and after a deadlock between the Republican-controlled legislature and Gov. Tom Wolf (D), the court drew its own map.

The result has been to take a few good opportunities for Democrats and turn them into almost sure things, while adding a bunch of other seats to the mix. Some analysts now expect Democrats to gain four seats in the state, with a couple more longer shots that could tilt their way if November is really a bad for Republicans.

A four-seat pickup, or more, from Pennsylvania would put Democrats well on their way to the 24 seats they need to win the majority.

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