American Airlines is changing its safety video because it was upsetting passengers

In September 2016, American Airlines introduced a new safety video to play on flights ahead of takeoff.

The video received a significant update with more modern visuals, but it also added something that bothered some passengers more than it reassured them: jolly flight staff cheering with the tagline, “Great is what we’re going for.”

While the gesture may have had good intentions, it apparently rubbed some customers the wrong way – like those whose flights were leaving way later than scheduled. In response, American is making a change to those final 15 seconds, according to an internal memo obtained by airline blog View from the Wing.

“We heard that the ending of the safety video was too loud and celebratory, especially in situations where a flight may have been delayed or experienced some other kind of irregular operation,” the memo reads. “So, we’ve adjusted the ending to dial down the cheering at the very end, and faded the music out to be softer.”

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