Trump’s emerging betrayal of the NRA is as predictable as it is hilarious

As a constitutional conservative, I believe in our Second Amendment right to bear arms and that the government should not be trusted with laws that disarm those over which they rule. That being said, I am personally not much of a gun person — though my wife is.

I also believe that the world has dramatically changed since our Constitution was written. Our Founding Fathers could not have envisioned a country where it was possible to kill dozens of people in a couple of minutes, where a significant portion of the population does not fear an afterlife, and where carrying out an act of unthinkable horror makes the perpetrator instantly famous.

So when it comes to gun rights, I have always been right of center, meaning I am willing to consider reasonable restrictions on gun ownership, while mindful of the dangers of the slippery slope and the idea that making something illegal does not solve the problem, especially when the lawbreaker has decided that they want to die.

In this context I have been very interested in, and quite amused by, President Donald Trump’s reaction to the recent horrific school shooting in Florida.

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