Joss Whedon was never right for ‘Batgirl.’ Let a woman direct instead.

After the success of ‘Wonder Woman,’ DC and Warner Bros. would be fools not to hire a woman to replace Joss Whedon at the helm of a live-action ‘Batgirl.’

To hear Patty Jenkins tell her journey of arriving in the director’s chair for Wonder Woman, it took almost a decade. After her 2003 film Monster, for which Charlize Theron won an Oscar, she pitched a Wonder Woman film to Warner Bros. The prospect never materialized, but she did get her dream of directing a superhero film when she was assigned to direct Thor 2 for Marvel.

As someone for whom Richard Donner’s Superman was a huge influence, Jenkins wanted to tell a similar story with Thor 2. Jenkins told BuzzFeed’s Susan Cheng, “I pitched them that I wanted to do Romeo and Juliet. I wanted Jane to be stuck on Earth and Thor to be stuck where he is. And Thor to be forbidden to come and save Jane because Earth doesn’t matter.