CPAC 2018: Year after coronation, Breitbart has diminished presence at conference

This year’s iteration of CPAC provides a vivid picture of how much has changed for Bannon and the site he used to lead. Ousted from Breitbart and shunned by Trump, Bannon isn’t anywhere to be found. After claiming a choice location on radio row and in the exhibit hall last year, Breitbart’s booth is nowhere in sight. While Breitbart reporters have been spotted covering the event, only one of the site’s editors is appearing on the main stage as part of CPAC’s official programming.

Oh, and there’s no boat party.

A person close to Breitbart told CNN that the website indeed has a much smaller footprint at CPAC this year. The person added that this was because Breitbart was “putting resources in other areas” as “times are tough in digital media.” A second person familiar with the matter told CNN that one former adviser to the site recommended to senior management that it have a large presence at CPAC.

A representative for Breitbart did not respond to a request for comment.

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