Beck: Perhaps next year they will book Richard Spence at CPAC

The event is known as the Conservative Political Action Conference, but the way Glenn Beck sees it, the name no longer fits.

“This is not a small-government, constitutional or American conservative event any more,” the Blaze founder and radio host told me. “This is dangerous populism and nationalism.”

As I wrote this week, CPAC has changed dramatically since President Trump’s election, from a gathering where Trump believed he would be “too controversial” in 2016, when Beck was a keynote speaker, to one that embraces Trump’s “America first” worldview. Exhibit A could be this year’s inclusion of the far-right French politician Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, who addressed the conference on Thursday.

“I am not offended when I hear President Donald Trump say ‘America first,’ ” Maréchal-Le Pen said to cheers. “I want Britain first for the British people, and I want France first for the French people.”

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