Does CPAC know who Marion Le Pen is?

It’s true that Marine Le Pen’s niece has sometimes seemed at odds with her party’s messaging. Yet in January of last year, she was seen attending an event hosted by an extremist identitarian group in France, a neo-fascist movement that advocates for “cultural homogeneity.” In a later comment that same month, Le Pen claimed that she wants to “unite the Right,” from “Republicans to Identitarians.”

On one hand you could claim that CPAC organizer Matt Schlapp can’t be blamed for not knowing about all of these details, because apart from a subtitled speech on abortion that she tweeted out herself and a few rare interviews, you have to actually speak French to know what Marion believes. But I’m not giving CPAC the benefit of the doubt here. Much to the contrary: I believe that they were well aware of Le Pen’s political positions, but they went for for the invite anyway because she makes a consistent anti-immigration case and “triggers” leftists and moderate conservatives. Breitbart already confirmed this in a way, publishing an article that revels in the “meltdown” of establishment right-wingers over Marion’s CPAC slot.

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