Why arming teachers is highly unlikely

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the White House is “very strongly” considering the possibility of arming teachers and other school staff following the deadly Florida school shooting — but the reality is that won’t happen any time soon, even in states that would allow guns in schools.

Lawmakers in at least half-a-dozen states — including Florida — are considering legislation this year that would ease restrictions on firearms on campus. But such attempts nearly always hit strong opposition from teachers and community members. Even in states that have passed laws allowing school districts to make the decision, few school boards have bit.

“The vast majority of schools superintendents and boards don’t even blink before saying, ‘Thanks but no thanks,’” said Kenneth Trump, a school safety consultant not related to the president. “We know that by and large there’s mass opposition to this in the education community.”

President Trump acknowledged it’s a controversial idea, but said: “We’re going to be looking at it very strongly.”

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