America just got a lot closer to seeing a Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court released a new congressional map for the Keystone state on Monday afternoon and in the process gave Democrats a likely major boost in their efforts to win back control of the House of Representatives this fall.

The redrawn map—which was offered as a legally-mandated fix to the heavily gerrymandered prior lines—reshapes the state such that, according to Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman, there are now eight Hillary Clinton districts and ten Donald Trump districts. President Trump won the state in the 2016 election by less than one percentage point. There are currently five seats held by Democrats and 12 by Republicans, with one vacant.

The map is likely to be the most significant mid-term election development until the actual election itself, seriously enhancing the likelihood that Nancy Pelosi regains her gavel as Speaker. For that, and other reasons, it is also likely to draw a legal challenge from Republicans in the state.

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