How the BuzzFeed lawsuit might open Mueller’s investigation to public view

While their request is now focused narrowly on what they did with the information on Gubarev, you can see where this is going. If the feds did look into that and found nothing (a safe bet) then they are going to want to see what the government did with other parts because they have to prove some part of this was actually true or that they weren’t acting any more recklessly and negligently than the FBI and Department of Justice. Given the fact that Justice has an investigation looking into the use of the dossier, you can bet BuzzFeed will go after it, too.

Personally, I think the judge’s reasoning is just another case of lex Trumpis, a perverse legal decision rendered to spite Trump. It is difficult to see how revealing the existence of an investigation…something the House of Representatives was going to do on its own had Trump declined to declassify it…entitles BuzzFeed to fish. But, in this case, I hope the judge lets BuzzFeed fish to its little heart’s content. Because as sure as God made little green apples there is going to be no evidence that anyone tried to verify anything Steele said and there is going to be a lot of evidence that is was used by the Obama administration to have surveillance authorized of people in and on the fringe of the Trump campaign as well as launch the counterintelligence investigation that morphed into a criminal investigation with a special counsel.