Amazon owns my Echo, I’m just feeding it

Obviously, Amazon’s comfort in 2018 in building and shipping a Trojan Horse like this is all my fault. I should’ve protested more a decade ago, when Apple decided it was the king of iPhone software. When it decided what apps are allowable, which retail activities in those apps are allowable, and how much of a cut it gets from every microtransaction. I feel complicit and guilty, too eager to have a phone that works well to protest Apple’s obvious infringement on my rights to self-determine how my technology works.

The App Store was a trade, some might say a fair trade: Apple controls what software can be on your phone, and you get some safety and quality

When Amazon started making consumer hardware, it chose the same path. After all, people don’t want choices, they want simplicity and ease of use. Amazon started off closed with the Kindle, and it never opened up from there.

But where does this all end? By the time I can buy a self-driving car, will I be even able to choose where it goes?

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