What's next for DACA?

After dedicating three days of floor time and casting a grand total of four votes on different proposals to address the precarious future of 700,000 unauthorized immigrants who were brought to the country as children, the United States Senate is taking a week off. And when lawmakers return from their holiday, most Republicans say they’ll be ready to move on to other issues.

“I don’t see us coming back to it for some weeks,” North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis said Thursday afternoon. “I mean, when we get back, we have the spending bill that’s going to consume time … So we come back the week after next. I know that we have a banking bill. We’ve got a lot of nominations. We’ve got a lot of other work we need to do.”

That was a common refrain among his colleagues after the chamber voted down all four pieces of legislation they considered that would have dealt with immigration and border security.

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